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The short description of Rotary, which was founded in 1905 and is the first service club in the world, is as follows:

Rotary is a worldwide service organization to help establish peace and goodwill in the world and promote high ethical standards in all professions.

Rotary's service ideal is defined as "service before itself". While this understanding is the common attitude of all Rotarians, it brings people around the world together for common purposes.

The member profile of Rotary Clubs is a reflection of the jobs and professions represented in their region and country. Each member of the club represents a different profession. This form of structuring of Rotary is to ensure that the ideas produced on problems can understand every part of the society and that the service can be spread to all layers of the society.

In short, Rotary is based on four basic principles:

* Developing friendship between members

* Looking very closely at opportunities to serve

* Emphasizing the ideal of service in our personal lives

* To develop mutual understanding and international relations


What we think, say and do

Is it true?

Will it provide goodwill and better friendships?

Is it fair to all concerned?

Is it good for all concerned?

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